Waterproof Fracture Braces

Waterproof Upper Limb Fracture Braces

Custom moulded, waterproof, removable solutions for fracture management.

  • Removable: Can be easily removed for washing / drying the skin and readjusted as swelling decreases.

  • Waterproof: Allows clients to remain active, go swimming, shower and get on with their everyday lives.

  • Re-mouldable: Allows for reshaping for if the arm changes shape or swelling decreases.

  • Lockable: An extra locking mechanism can be added so the brace is not removable.

  • Lightweight: Lighter than a plaster cast.

  • Radiolucent: Enables x-rays to be taken without removing the brace.

  • Custom Moulded: Enables the brace to be moulded to fit each individual person.

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        If you already have a referral please call us to book an appointment

        If you are interested in making an appointment you will require a referral from your treating healthcare provider (eg. GP, specialist, physio) and scans/diagnosis confirming your injury.