Plagiocephaly Helmets

What is Plagiocephaly / Brachycephaly?

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How does the helmet work?

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Plagiocephaly Helmet
Common Questions

Will my baby’s head correct by itself?

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    How long each day is the helmet worn?

    We recommend the brace is worn for 23 hours a day. It can be removed for washing/bathing.

      What is the duration of treatment?

      • The duration of treatment depends on a number of factors including the child’s age, the severity of the pectus carinatum and how quickly they are growing.
      • Most children will get good correction in 6 months (give or take) when wearing the brace for 23 hours a day.
      • After you are happy with the correction we will move into the maintenance phase. During this phase the brace is worn at night for up to another 6 months to maintain the correction.

      Will it be painful?

      • The helmet is designed to touch the head, not put pressure on the head. For this reason the helmet shouldn’t be painful for the baby
      • Your baby might cry/grumble whilst getting used to the helmet.
      • This generally is not because they are in pain, just an objection to the change of having something on their head.
      • The more you can distract your child after putting the helmet on, the quicker they will forget about it and decrease their objection.

      Gradual wearing in

      Once fitted with the helmet we will go through a gradual wearing in process. This time is an opportunity for you to get used to putting the helmet on and off, the baby and their skin to get used to something being on their head.

        Will my baby be hot wearing the helmet?

        • We do add air holes to the helmet to maximise airflow.
        • However your child will be hotter in the helmet and we recommend dressing them in 1 layer less of clothing whilst wearing the helmet.

        How is the helmet made?

        • The helmet is custom made to the shape and size of the head.
        • A plaster mould of the head. This mould is filled with plaster, adjusted and the helmet is made over the top.

        Do I require ongoing review appointments?

        • Yes, review appointments are booked once a month to monitor the brace and make adjustments as your baby grows.
        • Additional review appointment are available on request. If you have any rubs, questions or concerns regarding the helmet please contact us and an additional reviews can be arranged if required.

        If you already have a referral please call us to book an appointment

        If you are interested in making an appointment you will require a referral from your treating healthcare provider (eg. physio). They will confirm the diagnosis and make sure there are no other contributing factors that require treating.