Pectus Carinatum Braces

What is pectus carinatum?

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How does a pectus brace work?

Povides pressure to decrease the chest prominance.

  • A Pectus Orthosis can help reduce the prominence and correct the shape of your chest.
  • It does this by applying pressure on the high point of the chest prominence and a counter force on the back.
  • Overtime the pressure from the brace remoulds the bones to into a corrected position.
Pectus Bracing: Before and after treatment
Pectus Bracing: After 3 months of bracing
Common Questions

Am I suitable for a pectus brace?

A pectus brace is suitable for someone who is still growing (generally before the age of 18), however the quicker the child is growing the quicker the correction will be.

We generally find the best/quickest correction before 15-16y.o.

    How long each day do I wear the brace?

    We recommend the brace is worn for 23 hours a day. It can be removed for showering and sporting activities.

    In some instances the brace can be worn less than this (no recommended through) and the client has still had positive results, however it has taken longer for the correction to occur.

      What is the duration of treatment?

      • The duration of treatment depends on a number of factors including the child’s age, the severity of the pectus carinatum and how quickly they are growing.
      • Most children will get good correction in 6 months (give or take) when wearing the brace for 23 hours a day.
      • After you are happy with the correction we will move into the maintenance phase. During this phase the brace is worn at night for up to another 6 months to maintain the correction.

      Will it be painful?

      The brace is designed to put pressure in the centre of the chest. This can be tender/achy, however shouldn’t be painful. We gradually increase the pressure in the centre of the chest during the treatment to limit the achiness felt during the process.

        Gradual wearing in

        Once fitted with the brace we will go through a gradual wearing in process. This time is an opportunity for the client to get used to putting the brace on and off, get used to the pressure in the centre of the chest and their skin to get used to the pressure of the brace.

          Do I require ongoing review appointments

          Yes, review appointments are booked once a month to monitor the brace and gradually increase the pressure in the centre of the chest gradually over time.

            If you already have a referral please call us to book an appointment

            If you are interested in making an appointment you will require a referral from your treating healthcare provider (eg. GP, specialist, physio). They will most likely preform x-rays on the chest to confirm the diagnosis and make sure there are no other contributing factors that require treating.