Human bodies are constantly changing shape, whether it’s through growth as we age or the short-term adaptations to injuries. For this reason, anything we attach to the body will occasionally need to be adjusted to maintain its purpose. A good example of this is the belt on a pair of trousers where the extra holes help adjust the fit as our weight changes.

When we consider Orthopaedic braces, it is even more important that the brace is fitting correctly and providing the support it is intended for. Everybody is different and the skill of an Orthotist comes in selecting the best brace for the individual’s injury, limb size and shape.

The main purpose of the initial fitting is to make sure you understand how your new brace works, how to take it off for cleaning and how to put it back on in the correct way so it does its job. Depending on the style of brace, there can be a lot of information to absorb in one appointment and your Orthotist may advise booking in for a review after a short time of wearing the brace at home.

A review appointment is important to maintain the best fit.

Depending on the reason a brace is needed, the affected limb may be swollen at the time of fitting. As everything settles down, it can be common for the swelling to reduce resulting in a loose fitting brace. At a review appointment, your Orthotist will be able to monitor this soft tissue reduction and adjust the brace to maintain an optimum fit and function.

A review appointment can solve niggly or uncomfortable rubs.

By loosening a strap here and pulling the brace up a bit there, we may feel a bit more comfortable but this can inadvertently cause issues in the long term. By checking how you wear your brace, your Orthotist may look at adjustments to make it more comfortable or show you easier ways of putting the brace on.

A review appointment fixes problems before they happen.

In Orthotics, prevention is almost always better than the cure. Sometimes it takes a while for small rubs or skin issues to be noticeable. At a review appointment, your Orthotist can pick up on these irritations early and accommodate for them before they become problematic.

Free reviews promote peace of mind.

Our aim at BraceFit is to provide the best service we can to help you heal and get you back to living your life as quickly as possible. As we’ve explained in this article, reviews are key to achieving this goal. To help everyone access the follow up care they deserve, reviews of devices fitted by BraceFit are free of charge.

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