Compression Stockings

Our compression stockings?

We see each client for an appointment to custom measure and fit their stockings.

  • Measured to each individual client
  • Medical grade compression stockings
  • Graduated compression
  • We keep below knee and thigh high compression stockings in stock
  • Variety of colours and style’s available (ordered in for the individual client)
  • We also sell donning frames, aids and gloves to help you do put on your stockings.
Common Questions

What are compression stockings used for?

Compression stockings help in a variety of conditions of the arms and legs including:

  • Lyphoedema
  • Varicose veins
  • DVT
  • Pregnancy varicosis
  • Ulcer healing

At your appointment

At your appointment we will:

  • Go through your relevant medical history.
  • Custom measure your legs/arms.
  • Discuss options which suit your requirements.
  • We may have some stockings available which we can fit on the day, or we can order specific stockings for you as required.
  • Teach you how to take your stockings on and off. We have a number of frames and aids which we can trial at the appointment and sell to you as required.


  • More information coming.


  • More information coming.

Below Knee Stockings

Class 1 or Class 2 compression, available in open or closed toe.

Thigh High Stockings

Class 1 or Class 2 compression, available in open or closed toe, silicone topband.

Pantyhose Compression Stockings

Class 1 or Class 2 compression, available in open or closed toe, maternity and men’s variations available.


Ulcer Compression Stocking Kit

Combines and under sock and compression stocking, suitable for over dressings.


Circaid Leg Wrap

Adjustable compression, Class 1-4, wrap designs makes donning easier.


Arm Sleeve Stockings

Medial or lateral compartment knee arthritis

Arm Sleeve with Gauntlet Stockings

Low level medial or lateral compartment arthritis offloading


Circaid Arm Wrap

Combined arthritis and ligament instabilities


Compression Glove

Combined arthritis and ligament instabilities


Custom Made Stockings

A wide variety of custom made flat knit stockings are available


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