Having a broken arm can be a pain, and not just because it hurts. Suddenly everyday tasks and jobs that we don’t normally think about become mammoth challenges, like trying to have a shower while keeping your fracture cast dry.

Fracture bracing has evolved over the years. For most of our written history, humans have relied on the materials at hand (sorry about the pun), bracing broken limbs with wooden splints wrapped in linen. It wasn’t until the 19th century that Plaster of Paris started to be used as a stronger and more protective alternative.

Today, fractures are commonly managed with either plaster or lighter fiberglass wraps which, depending on the severity of the fracture, can stay on for four to six weeks. Not being able to wash the affected limb for this period in a hot Australian climate can get smelly and leave the wearer with an itch they just can’t scratch.

At BraceFit, we live and work on the Gold Coast. The water is so close and whether it’s the backyard pool or a trip to the beach, we know that a refreshing dip can help take the edge off these humid summers.

Nicole Osborne, our clinical specialist in Orthopaedic bracing, noticed the need for an alternative to traditional casts and has been trained and is vastly experienced in the next evolution in fracture management.

Exos are a range of heat moulded braces that are custom formed directly to the body for the best possible fit and comfort. Below are some of the advantages these braces have over the traditional casts.

Waterproof – Exos braces are completely waterproof allowing you to have a shower, jump in the pool or even go for a surf (remember to check with you referring doctor first).

Removable – Each brace is fitted with either a strap or mechanism to allow removal for cleaning and drying the skin. For situations where the brace must not be removed, there is the option for a lock mechanism to be added, perfect for inquisitive kids.

Re-mouldable – During the healing process, it is common for an injured limb to change in size and shape as the swelling settles. Our trained Orthotist can reheat and remould the same brace multiple times to maintain comfort and fit throughout the healing process.

Radiolucent – The materials used in Exos braces are X-ray friendly allowing your doctor to monitor the progress of the fracture without removing the brace.

Customisable – All our fracture braces are custom fitted to the individual to provide the highest level of comfort and the closest fit.

BraceFit is based at Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast and specialise in fitting a wide range of removable, waterproof and custom moulded braces. In addition to upper limb fracture braces, we also custom fit a wide range of braces including; moon boots / CAM Walkers, ankle braces, spinal braces, ligament knee braces and OsteoArthritis knee braces.

BraceFit are clinical specialists in Orthopaedic bracing on the Gold Coast.  Our Orthotist has over 9 years of clinical experience in providing client focused orthotic care. As Nicole is AOPA registered our services are Private Health Insurance, Work Cover and DVA rebatable.

To find out if you are suitable for this style of fracture brace or for more information on our service at BraceFit visit our website or call 0421 606 808.