Nicole Powrie

(Nicole Osborne)


Nicole graduated from LaTrobe University with a Bachelor of Prosthetics and Orthotics in 2007. Since then, she has worked in Australia and overseas as an Orthotist / Prosthetist in both the public and private sector. Over her career, Nicole has been fortunate to work beside many experienced specialists in her field enabling her to further her knowledge base and develop as a clinician. More recently, Nicole has been focusing her continued professional development on acute injury management including orthotic treatment for soft tissue injures, acute fracture management and osteoarthritis (OA).

Being an Orthotist allows Nicole to follow her passion of helping people get back on their feet and living the lifestyle they want. Nicole believes that every person that walks (or hops) through her door deserves the best possible care and attention. Quality of service is a top priority for Nicole and she ensures that each client is provided with the best brace for their individual needs. In her clinic, Nicole takes the time to make sure her clients understand how their brace functions, are comfortable and that support and advice is available if they have questions further down the track.

Growing up Nicole was a competitive gymnast. Like many athletes, she is familiar with the recovery process following an injury having experienced an ankle and knee reconstruction herself. This has enabled her to understand the importance of knowledgeable, supportive and passionate health professionals in the recovery process, helping you to get back to your daily life and activities as quickly as possible. Away from Orthotics, Nicole loves her new home on the Gold Coast where she likes to get outdoors, stay active and enjoy life. Through her work at BraceFit, Nicole’s goal is to help every client she sees stay active and enjoy their lives too.